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ECA Cultural Envoy is Catalyst for Creation of New Ivorian NGO The launching of the Federation of Artists and Artisans of Cote d’Ivoire (FEDARTCI) at the American Embassy, December 2, is the direct result of ECA Cultural Envoy Ed Johnetta Miller’s programs here in October (see Abidjan PD Result “ECA Cultural Specialist Conducts Workshops in Abidjan, Yamoussoukro and Bouake,” 10/4/06). During her workshops in the nation’s three principal cities, she encouraged Ivorian artists and artisans to join forces to better publicize their products and establish commercial relationships with American businesses and institutions. Less than two months later, the sessions’ participants answered her call, creating FEDARTCI, an NGO whose goals include the promotion of Ivorian art, training for Ivorian artists, and developing commercial and professional relations with the US. With the U.S. Ambassador and Ivorian Minister of Tourism and Artisans’ Works presiding, the group formally ratified a constitution and drafted documentation to formally register FEDARTCI with the state. In addition, the December 2 meeting bore eloquent witness to a cordial and successful nomination process for a truly trans- national board of directors– one including Muslims and Christians, and people hailing from both the government-controlled south and rebel-held north. RESULTS: This dynamic new arts & artisan organization is now official, and has already charged its governing board to begin activities as soon as this month – activities which PAS anticipates will involve developing the organization’s already-functional website (http://Fedartci.blogspot.com), working with an American NGO with which they already have contact, Aid To Artisans (to look into training and product development grants) and work on developing business relationships. As part of our effort to enhance global education, Opus actively supports an international roles for advocacy, leadership, and service in all dimensions of worldwide education and training. It is increasingly evident that youth need to be strategically positioned, educated and train to function successfully in a multicultural and advanced environment that crosses all boundaries of education, communication, and language. At Opus, Inc., we are very proud of our International Connection from Master Artists globally to include Ghana, South Africa, Honduras, Columbia,Haiti, etc. Our youth and Seniors benefit by having these amazing artists visit to work directly with them. In the near future we are planning an international exchange for our youth!















Séminaire sur le Management et Marketing des Arts

Séminaire organisé par l'Ambassade des USA en Côte d'Ivoire les 09 et 10 Octobre 2006
Seminar on Management and Marketing of Arts organized by the Embassy of the USA in Ivory Coast, animate by:
Ed Johnetta Miller
Award Winning Fiber Artist
Master Artist and Artistic Director for OPUS
Inc. and Hartford Artisans Center
20 Plainfield St.
860 727 8552 Hartford, Ct. 06112.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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